Saturday, July 25, 2009

My Morning...

Couldn't wait for this weekend. My friend Sarah came for a visit and brought her new wonderfully awesome boyfriend Andrew. I am so glad I got to spend sometime with both of them. Shawn had a company picnic that he had to go to and I stayed home with one of my friends two girls that I had this weekend so they could go to an out of town wedding. BOY was my morning fun...

As Sarah & Andrew came in the girls (ages 2&4) woke up. I brought them out to the kitchen table so Harley wouldn't jump on them and give them a little time to wake up. So I go back to finishing up breakfast. I notice that the 4 year old is sitting with her legs wide open and I tell her to sit like a lady and close her legs. Well I went to move her back and I see POOP smear across the table. The smart person that I am I say, "What is that??" The aroma quickly fills the air and I quickly grab her and take her to the tub. Sarah, thankfully, jumps up and starts cleaning the table, while Andrew was sitting there I KNOW thinking, "THE KID JUST POOPED ON THE TABLE and I am suppose to EAT HERE?????????"

We get everyone & thing cleaned up and we finally sit down for breakfast. I made eggs with sausage, fresh cantaloupe & bacon. I was sitting next to the 2 year old and she was pounding the bacon. She had 3 pieces and wanted a 4th but I thought it would be a great idea for her to eat a little egg first. I have made her eggs in the past and she has loved them...well apparently this time she didn't like the texture of the eggs and sausage mixed together and she throw up everything that she had eaten this morning. Thankfully most was covered by my napkin and all landed in the plate. I got up and cleaned her up and fixed her a bowl of Life cereal.

Sarah looked up at Andrew and said..."How many kids did you say you wanted again?"

Thankfully Sarah & Andrew STAYED till about 2. We all swam and thankfully lunch was pretty uneventful.

PS...Sarah you have quite a catch on your hands...I love him! I am so excited for you! :)

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