Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Baby Weight

I went to the gym yesterday! :)

Well last Friday I finally made a decision. I have been holding back for years because of the "What If's". Told not to by friends and some doctors but Friday was the day I choose what to do for myself.

I am tired of not having a baby. I am even more tired of being over weight and not having a baby. Always thought you were suppose to carry around baby weight AFTER you had the baby...Not for me. I have been carrying around the (non) Baby Weight for over 10 years now. From emotional eating to gaining weight because of the meds I have been taking. Personally I am done with it!

I have always thought I was over weight but when I look back at pictures I wonder what a distorted view I must have had of myself. The weight I am now is not the most I have ever weighed but close to it. My goal is to lose 50 lbs by the beginning of December...17 weeks...3 lbs a week. Three pounds a week on the biggest looser would be a disgrace but 3 lbs a week for me with be a VICTORY!!!

On Friday I signed up for a gym membership. I know that is the only way that I will lose weight. Some may be able to do it by just dieting, but I know my body & I need more. I need the exercise. The good news about my membership is it is less than a dollar a day & there is no contract. So WHEN i do get pregnant if there is any complications where I can't work out I will be able to cancel my membership without any penalty.

So as a reward to myself for becoming healthier...I am booking a condo on Madeira Beach for a week next summer. The date we are looking at is more than a year away but I can't wait. I NEED a real vacation! Haven't had one in a while and am looking SO forward to planting my skinny white butt in the sand!

All of that to say WORK OUT DAY 1: Success!!

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Jesse and Mandy Peterson said...

I always thought you were super skinny, although I only saw one picture of you (a headshot) when I was going back through your blogs. Either way, wanting to lose weight should be for your own health and happiness and not for any other reason. And getting motivated and actually doing it are the hardest steps to take. So I applaud you for setting up your membership and for 1 day of success. I'm counting on many more to come. And WHEN you get pregnant, it will help make things healthier and easier. I wish you the best!