Thursday, March 24, 2011

In So Deep

I love it when God knows what you need before you need it...Don't know why that continues to surprise me. Two Sunday's ago I had someone come up to me and ask if I knew anyone who wanted a free set of bunk beds. I explained to them that we had just been approved to be foster parents. Someone also gave us a toddler bed.

We got a call Thursday March 17...the second one since we were approved. We agreed this time. We are now fostering three children. It's been a week and we are finally starting to find out groove. They are 8(boy)4(girl)& 1 (boy) and working toward reunification with their birth family. I can't post names but may post pictures from time to time..well see...

I've learned so much so far. For now nap time if offically over & I am off to pick up one from school!

Amazed by how my life has changed in one week. Excited to see what the future. Thanking God that everyday is a new adventure.

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Mandy said...

That's awesome! I know God is going to be doing something big through all of this!