Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A year ago...

A year ago today I was struggling to breath knowing that my 3 beauties were going to be going back to where they were taken from. How to explain to a 3 year old that he wasn't going to see mommy & daddy everyday. How do you teach a 9 year old how already struggles GREATLY to practice his spelling and reading by himself. How do you teach a 5 year old to shower by herself and get all the shampoo out. Reminding them all to brush their teeth & hair but most importantly to pray every day whenever they needed anything.

They went back Friday February 9th...We mourned, we cried deeply, we prayed & asked God to reassure us that He really did know what He was doing, we laughed about the memories we made. We had no idea what God had planned.

Sixteen days later our world went from such extreme mourning to the highest high I have known. We met our little man that would change our world. Today we celebrate his 11 month birthday! I didn't know if we'd see this day. I can't wait to plan his adoption Gottcha Day party!

11 Month Statistics
20.12 pounds
24" long
Still sleeps through the night...most nights.
Eats 6oz bottles every 5 hrs & LOVES veggies! Little man you will eat almost anything we offer you. You love fruits too!
LOVES to cuddle in the morning after your bottle 
LOVES to crawl everywhere and tries to get in to every cabinet.
LOVES to play & wrestle with the dogs
Does not like to sit still much
Is starting to repeat words. Even in your own way repeated I love you on a road trip. Daddy said "That crap is so cool!!! How'd you teach him that?!" :) 
Still smiles and laughs when I sing "HIS" song to him (You are my little man you are so very grand! I love you all the way from your nose to your toes.)
Has met his entire forever family! 
Loves to play fetch with anything you can throw!
Loves to play with friends. 
Laughs OUT LOUD when you burp or toot . You are such a boy! 
Has been off your acid reflux medicine for a week now :)

My little man you are the fulfillment of God's promises to your daddy & I. March 4th is a big day for us. Praying that you will be our son by the end of April! We love you! And thank God daily for every breath you take!

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