Thursday, August 28, 2008


My favorite vacation is a vacation at the beach! One of my favorite thing to do is to take a walk on the beach in the morning. The first morning we were there I decided to get up and take a walk on the beach by my self. I took a cup of coffee and that's it. I was so excited! NOW I wish I had my camera or at least my phone...As I walked down to the end of the deck I prayed..."God I REALLY want to enjoy your beautiful creation...Which was should I walk??" I decided to go left...because I'm left handed...REALLY it makes sense! I found 2 little baby sea turtles working their way to the ocean. I know your not suppose to but I picked one up and touched it held it and just marveled at it for a few mins. I put it back down to finish his jounery to his new life out in the HUGE ocean. I set there and watch as they hit the water and wondered how do they ever make it??? How do they ever get so big? When they hit the water they are only about 3 inches. If that wasn't enough. I turned around to walk back the other way and picked up a few sand dollars Walked a little further and saw about 5 star fish! Yes I picked them up too! Then I saw some people fishing and a few kids playing in the "puddles" from low tide so what did I do??? I NEEDED to go see what they were doing. The kids were play with a baby black tip shark and then the guys fishing caught a sting ray with a 4 foot long wing span! It was SOOOO cool! I was able to touch everything!

The little things that God does to make my day are really unbelievable. I can't believe that I am actually worth it to HIM! Thanks Dad!

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