Thursday, October 9, 2008

Never say Never

I remember when we first were married waaayyy back in 1997 I remember Shawn and I talking about children. We would go on birth control for the first year and then start trying year two or three to have a baby. We talked about foster care. We both agreed that we would never do the foster care thing it would be too hard and complicated. Sounds like a plan huh?! After 11 years and 4 months it is clear to say God had other plans. Although I know that He has promised us children its the where when and how that is still in question.

As I have mentioned in other blogs we had a some kids come live with us for 8 months. YES pretty much just like foster care except we didn't get paid by the state...They went home the a few weeks ago. The oldest one had a beautiful baby boy while living with us. He is growing like a weed now! He went from 5lbs 6oz(lowest weight) to 11 lbs 2oz. She is a great mom and loves him so much! The four 4 old has started preschool & LOVES IT. The 15 year old is doing great in high school. I am so proud of them! Just as much as it was an adjustment when they moved in but I think that its more of an adjustment now that they are not here.

So this puts us in a strangely familiar place of what do we do now. The question of our baby comes back to where, when, and how. The Doctor that I went to while living in Rocky Mount was wonderful but with the jobs Shawn had and the fact that he lived up here for 9 months didn't help the getting pregnant factor of things. I could go to the Dr all I wanted and take all the fertility meds but apparently your other half has to actually BE there to get pregnant. Were do we stand on the baby thing you may want to know...We are going to finish up our foster care to adopt license just in case our baby is suppose to come from someone else's tummy but I have also FINALLY made a Dr. appointment.

Can you believe that it has been 2 1/2 years since I have been to the Dr??? Why in the world did I wait that long at 33 years old?? Yes I know that my "Time Clock" is ticking. But with moving I wasn't sure how to pick out the best of the best baby Dr. I have been praying about it for some time now...talked to some people about it...made what I deemed as a rational deduction of Dr...prayed about it some more and then FINALLY made an appointment. My appointment is Thursday October 30. (just 2 days after my dearest friend from OHIO is moving CLEAR ACROSS the country to Arizona. Which may make this Dr think I need some other sort of help other than him) Please pray for this appointment to go well.

Ultimately, I pray and dream that he'll take one look at me and say "YEP your pregnant! Let's do an ultra sound to see how far along you are! OH LOOK THERE'S TWINS!!! A boy and a girl!" Yes...I already have their names picked out. But realistically pray that he knows exactly what I need to do to become pregnant with out thousands and thousands of $$$ and years and years and years worth of test. Pray that this is THE Dr that God is wanting us to go to. Another important thing to me is to pray that he is a Christian that has beliefs that intermingle with ours. I've been to Dr's who are Christians and those who aren't. There is a difference in my opinion.

Well in case you were wondering that's where we stand on the KIDS issue. I have prayed for my children since I was young...SOOOO many reassurances that God knows the desire of our hearts and has plans on fulfilling the promises that He has given to us.

Hubby & I are going with a few other couples to see Fire.Proof this weekend with a few other couples. Suppose to be a great movie if you get a chance check it out...

Happy Fall Ya'll!

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