Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Coffee & Red Bull

3 LARGE cups of coffee hasn't even touched my sleepiness this morning. I think I could curl up under my desk and go to sleep. We went to bed before midnight...like 11:30ish so I shouldn't be THAT sleepy. I think it is just because i actually REALLY REALLY slept last night. No dreams...no work...no one chasing me...It was just me and the pillow. :) I want to go back.

Sadie, our chocolate lab, slept with us last night. She's so funny there are some days that she likes to be right in the middle of us. Other days she wants nothing to do with us and goes and sleeps in the other room. I wonder why there is such a big difference. I wonder if she has scary dreams or maybe she's just cold and wants to warm up. Shawn says I treat Raz and Sadie like a bunch of pre schoolers. I do...but it sure is nice to wake up in the morning and have this cute chocolate face looking at you.

So the question of the day is...will I leave to get a Red Bull before my staff meeting or after my staff meeting...I'm guessing it will be with in the next few mins...It's a coffee AND red bull kind of day...


Jannie said...

Hi, you have such a positive sprit and love for God. How can He not reward you with everything you desire!?

And sorry to barge in on your blog like this unannounced but I found you via our mutual "infertility" tags on our Blogger profiles and yesterday on my humble blog I posted a blurb on my fertility / endometriosis probs with a link to a petition my pal Jeanne has sent to Oprah and The View for endo awareness and facts.(signatures still more than welcome!) Thank you.

Brandie said...

I know exactly how you feel...I haven't been getting enough sleep. Mmm coffee and Red Bull...some of my favorite drinks. Miss you!