Saturday, November 15, 2008

There's Hope

Moving ahead bold and confident but it is much easier when there is hope. Something that honestly I haven't had for awhile. Thank you Lord for restoring hope within me.

On October 30th I finally had my first gyn/ob appointment since moving to Ohio. It went well. Nothing too much to be excited about. Dr. M is a fast paced straight to the point kind of guy. Didn't really have time to make me feel all warm and fuzzy but I wasn't turned off by him either. He knew his stuff and that's what is important.

At the first appointment he did the regular first appointment stuff as well as took my blood as well as scheduled an appointment for this past Friday November 14th to have an ultrasound done. That is the quickest why for him to see what he's dealing with. My blood work came back fine and he says all my levels are where they needed to be for the day of my cycle I was on when he took my blood. My first question was my progesterone level...It came back at .9. I was a little disappointed but he told me not too worry that it can drop that low during some days of your cycle.

My second appointment is when I had my ultrasound and he went over what we were going to do next. His words were, " This is a good ultrasound...everything is minor and can be fixed quickly and easily. We will get you and your husband on the road to tiring to have a baby quickly." AWESOME!!! PRAISE YOU GOD!!! was my first reaction.

Apparently I have a little endometriosis, fibroid tumor, a really thick uterine lining. He says that all of these things can be fixed with little laparoscopy surgery. He will first do a DNC to make my uterus a little less thick and a little more sticky. Then he will remove the tumor and cut out endometriosis. He made it sound so simple that I thought I was going to drive myself and go to work afterwards until I read the paperwork that he gave me. I think someones going to need to go with me... Either way I don't think that it will be too bad. Seems fairly painless but I'll let you know for sure December 17th.

Keep us in your prayers. Its kind of exciting knowing that once this hysteroscopy is done by this time next year we might actually have a baby...or two. :)

Here's to hoping!

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