Saturday, June 6, 2009

Our 1st Harley!

It has been a busy week this week. Not only at work, with VBS & camps coming up but with our personal life. We've had lots of exciting changes come about.

After waiting 12 years to FINALLY get something new...THANKFUL and BLESSED for what we have...we were able to get a new living room couch, chair & ottoman. SO EXCITED!!! It smells so good in our house! I LOVE IT!!!
The house we live in now we put all our old living room stuff down stairs in the basement in hopes that we would get sometime new for upstairs. We finally did! I have found many things that I liked but not matching BOTH criteria...price & quality. Well this Memorial Day weekend...we got it! This isn't our living room but I had to show you a picture! I just save the picture from the store and posted it. I can't see to find my camera right now.

Our other new addition this week was our 1st Harley! Not a two wheeled on but a four legged one. We brought Harley home last night. She did fairly well for her 1st night at her new home. After an early morning jaunt out to pee everyone is now sound asleep back in bed except me. Yes you read that right. One husband & 2 labs in bed with me...MAN do I need a King size bed or WHAT??!!

Thank you Lord for all the blessings bestowed on us this week! Thank your for your endless love and grace. Help us to continue to grow and be good stewards of the blessings you have given us.

I guess I should try to catch some shut eye too before her breakfast bell rings. Here is a cute picture I took of her last night. Isn't she CUTE???

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