Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010 was different than so many in the past. Well at least the past 6 years. My father past away on December 20 2003. I had just come down on the 18th to spend my sister's birthday with her and for the 1st time in 7 years spend Christmas with MY side of the family. I was so excited. After my dad past away suddenly it kind of changed Christmas for us.

This year I have say my FAVORITE Christmas present God gave me was JOY! I really enjoyed this Christmas season. I baked for the first time since 2003...not a lot but I did it! I listened to Christmas music by myself and didn't cry. I enjoyed shopping, giving gifts, and receiving gifts. My mom was here from Florida and we had friends over and just enjoyed each other. It was also my 1st WHITE Christmas. To wake up Christmas morning with my mom there and for the trees & ground to be covered with snow was just beautiful! I felt like HE did that just for me...to top off my Christmas.

My husband surprised me with a brand new wedding set. White gold like I wanted when we 1st got married. Princess cut like I wanted when we 1st got married. It truly made me feel like a princess.

Thank you Lord for the gift of Joy. The unspeakable Joy that has been lost in my life during this time of year for the past 6 years. The joy that Mary must have had after giving birth to the world changer. You are truly a Father of restoration. I am excited to see where you will have us go in the up coming year. Father I ask that you will comfort those who were unable to have the joy that Christmas brings this holiday season. Please continue to stir our hearts for you.

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