Thursday, January 6, 2011


I believe God spoke something to me today. I find it interesting how I when I misread something so many times God chooses to reveal things to me through it.

What was written was "We will always maintain a posture of learning"

What I read was "Always maintain a posture of leaning"

I thought LEANING what does that mean? Why would you maintain a posture of LEANING?? So quickly I felt the Holy Spirit say "Lean back in to God presence and lean forward in faith in to the vision I am creating in you and where I am taking you."

When I thought about the word leaning I was reminded of my dad.

Leaning back into my dad's chest as we sat and watch tv...feeling his warmth.
Leaning back and forth as I danced on my dad's feet around the kitchen...feeling his joy that I was his daughter.
Leaning forward as I jumped off the side of the pool...feeling confident that he was going to catch me.

This year I pray I MAINTAIN a posture of leaning Father into YOU in faith that YOU are my shepherd...willing to do what ever it takes to love me, save me, protect me, grow me.

Leaning...what an amazing position of faith...

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