Wednesday, January 18, 2012


We can only desire what you can imagine.

Our church needs to be RIPPED wide open...


My desire isn’t just to RIP (rest in peace)
My desire is for God to RIP this church WIDE open…
I want our children to RIP their generation…

Radically sold out to Christ
Irrevocably devoted to each other.
Persistently committed to reaching the lost.

We have a choice to Rest In Peace or to Allow God to RIP us wide open and create us who he wants us to be.

We were asked to do just TWO things...Love the Lord with ALL our heart mind body & love our neighbor as ourselves. That's all we have to focus on...

Father, help me be more of an equipper and less of a doer. Give me the strength to trust in you fully. Help me to build others rather than seeing them as a tool to build my own ministry. Father in this "fatherless" world my hearts desire Lord is to be RADICALLY sold out to YOU! To be irrevocably devoted to each other and to be PERSISTENTLY committed to reaching those who don't know you. Father, help me be a cheerleader to my team and to be bold the way Jesus was when I ask people to serve. Remind me to laugh and to rest. Help me Father devote the resources that you provide me to develop others. Father, help me forgive myself for my shortcomings this past year. In 2012 I will remember the 1 thing that is important…YOU!

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