Wednesday, February 8, 2012

February...the month of LOVE

As I sit here today it's Sunday afternoon & I'm home with have a clean house. Thanks to my husband skipping church. Trust me I am NOT for skipping just because you don't "feel" like going and NO I'm not saying that my dirty house was/is more important than God. But I am thankful that God has given me a husband who while he isn't perfect he IS will to continually willing change not for me but to make himself a better person. He doesn't always clean like I do...we differ on how to clean...there for we usually do not clean together. :)

Needless to say when I walked in this afternoon I felt LOVED. He knows how much a dirty house stresses me out. And while sometimes I have to get over it and focused on what is important...THE MOMENT... We have a caseworker visiting tomorrow. So the importance of a clean house rose to the top.

The 3 blue eyed beauties are still here with us. It's almost been a year now. Parents have an upcoming court date. They are at the present moment doing what they are suppose to...taking the classes & doing the jobs that they were asked to do by the courts. We have a pretty good relationship with the birth mom & her family as well as the birth dad. Our prayer is that if they are to go home with their mom & dad then they will allow God to change & heal their hearts fully & completely. If they are to stay with us we pray that the kids will not have any more trauma with going home & then coming back.

As much as we love them we have to be willing to let them go if that is what God chooses. Something that brings me peace is that God already knows the outcome. No matter what NO ONE can EVER take away what God has placed in their hearts. NO ONE will ever be able to take away the memories they've had living here or that they've given us.

As for February...and just a few things that I love...
My Husband
3 Beautiful Blue Eyed Beauties sleeping in my house
My Puppies
My Family
My Friends
My Neighbors
ABSOLUTELY LOVE kissing those babies good night each night. After a year still my favorite part of the day!
My Church

What do you LOVE about February?

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