Tuesday, February 21, 2012


As I prepare for their homecoming beginning of the summer I try to savor each moment. Truly one of my favorite things is bedtime. Not because I'm exhausted but because I get to say their prayers, talk about their days, and my "favoritest" part...

Singing Jesus Loves Me. I love hearing them sing it as they yawn and begin to drift off to sleep.

I am reminded daily that He loves me with all His heart and I get to share that joy with three young hearts who I have seen not only grow physically but spiritually. I love it when G prays for his younger brother & sister or his sick friend.

Thank you Father for fulfilling my hearts desire even if it is only for just a few months. My heart is filled with such love for them and I am so quickly reminded that is only a fraction of how much YOU love ME! Thank you again for loving me!

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