Saturday, April 21, 2012

1st Night Away

Shawn & I ran a away last night.

The kids are on their 1st over night visit @ their parent house.

I am thankful we decided to go away. It would have been weird to be home and not have them there. I guess that is a weird that I have to/need to get use to. They are scheduled for reunification the beginning of June. Part of me is soooo happy for them. The other part of me is sad for so many reasons.

Praying for God's grace peace & wisdom to infiltrate my every once of my soul. I do know the only way I'll/we'll make it through this is with God carrying me through.

I don't have the strength...but HE does.

As for today...I'm enjoying the stillness of the morning~sound of the rain of the roof top of our one room cabin in the woods~ and the taste of good coffee.

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