Tuesday, March 11, 2014

New things!

Just wanted to jot somethings down so I don't forget how much I love him and all the cute things he does.
-He loves to scare people...He can't say BOO so he says AHHH! And laughs HYSTERICALLY when you jump. 

- He knows what a Duck and a Motorcycle says. He says "Bye dogs" and "good girls" when talking about the dogs. LOVES LOVES LOVES Harley! He will lay on her just to chill and loves to play with her ears. 

- He is letting go when he pulls up & will even hold a cup and drink from it with out holding on but has NOT taken his first steps. I pray Shawn & I are both there when he does.
-He loves to cuddle at night and in the am.

We had his 1 yr old pictures and drs appointment last week. Can't wait to post his cuteness in picture form on here. He weighs 22 pounds and is 32 inches long. As the dr said he is perfect in every way!

I love him! 

I can't wait for the day to call him my son! 

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Anonymous said...

Thinking of you and praying for you and your family and so hoping everything is "final" for you soon. Much love!