Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Crossing Over

I met with 2 Case Workers on Friday. Ours and Little Mans. Both were good informative meetings but I can't wait to meet our ADOPTION Case Worker to actually call. I've been that he is very proficient and he has the tendency to get adoptions done in as little as 3-6 months. It seems like a long time on one hand but when I think about the face that we have waited 16 years 3-6 months doesn't seem too bad.

 Our 45 day case review will be the end of May. Now that the state has PC this is our actual 1st step on the adoption process. We can officially start calling him by the name we are giving him. It's going to be a crazy summer...it usually is...I've just never done this crazy schedule with a toddler. He's almost 15 months & he is allllllllll boy!

As we get ready to crossover to adoptive parents I am getting a done of questions from many different people. My friend emailed me this the other day and I saw it again on Pinterest. I thought it was so funny so I thought I'd share.

Boob Job Rule

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