Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Child like faith

Last Easter Shawn leans over to me at church and says...I think that it is time to start looking seriously in to the foster care program. We have both thought it so many times but NEVER at the same time. In fact I remember saying I would love to do that but there is NO WAY that I could. I could NEVER be a foster parent.

I'm not sure how many of you know but about 7 weeks ago Shawn and I have taken into our home a group of "foster children". The reason I use the quotations is because it is not done through the state. These children were just part of a family in our church that was in need and God opened the doors for us to take them in for what in the beginning was three weeks. It has now progressed to July or August. This has been a huge change for both Shawn and I. Personally, I have worked with children in some way shape or fashion both in and out of the ministry since I was 14 but they never lived with me. There have been many challenges and adjustments that we have had to make. First and Fore most...We can't walk around naked anymore... :)

Shawn and I have desired to have our own children for about 9 years now with out success but we have always found joy and love from enjoying our friends children and have always wondered why God had never blessed us with children. It says in Psalms 37:4 Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the disires of your heart...Then why is it time for others to have babies but not us? I have been on my face before God countless times asking and searching for some form of answer. I finally have some form of and answer. Our home is now filled with a musically gifted 20 year old who is preparing to have her second child, a painfully bruised but EXTREMELY talented beautiful 14 year old, and a (now) 4 who is learning new things each day and is always ready to entertain. (In case you were wondering the 20 year old is the mother of the 4 year old.) Their story is INCREDIBLE and honestly wouldn't be surprised if you see it in book form some day.

God has blessed us with children for a season, and continues to AMAZE us with the things that THEY TEACH US!!!! Don't for one minute think that we believe that this is all about US "helping" them. God has done so much in our personal walk with Him. I was talking to the 4 year old on Easter...Bright eyed and full of hope she said, "Kara did you know that Jesus fought a BIG fight with the devil and the devil thought he'd won but then JESUS rose from the dead to win the fight JUST so I could live forever in heaven with HIM!" Yeah I know that but to hear it in those words...so simple...so true...Her faith amazes me.

Thank you God for these blessings no matter how the length of time.

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