Sunday, March 30, 2008

Like mother like daughter...

We are going up on our eighth week of having three girls at our house it amazes me how much my mother comes out in me. Here are jut a few of the many things that are coming out in me...
-WANTING to clean up after all they do but realizing that it is part of their life experience to learn these things.

-Asking question after question to get the whole truth nothing but the truth... PLEASE HELP ME GOD!

-Going to the store for what feels like the millionth time this week spending $100 and feeling like you've got nothing. Not to mention coming home from the store and feeling like its ALL gone in a day. My mom blamed it on the "growing boys". Shawn is my only boy and he's growing alright :)

-Feeling like you say "No" or "May be later" WAY more than you say YES, but wishing you could say yes to everything their hearts desires.

-Trying to finish fixing dinner as fast as you they will quit asking "what are we having for dinner?" or "is dinner ready yet?"

-Asking "Have you done you homework yet?" knowing the answer is NO.

-Feeling like things are never done until all are in bed asleep and prayed for before then you can rest peacefully for the evening before you have to get up in a few hours and do it all over again.

Mom thank for all the things I saw no need for growing up. Thank you for telling me no even when I didn't want to hear it. Thank you for being my mom when it wasn't easy to be my mom. Since I was the last of four with two boys before me I know you must have been worn out! There were so many things that I found so frustrating as a teenager that I said I WOULD NEVER do when I have children. I know these children aren't here for forever but Mom I could have never done this with out YOU! Thank you mom for instilling a Godly foundation in me that will never be destroyed. I love you MOM!

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