Friday, July 25, 2008

I need help PLEASE!!!

I know I promised and update about camps and VBS but this is on my heart…

As I have written about before in this blog I have 3 "foster kids" living with us right now. They have been at our home since the middle of February and yes we knew that the 20 was pregnant when she moved in. Not knowing how long they were staying I didn't really plan for the new baby that was coming in August. She's having the baby August 5th and I am SO NOT PREPARED!!!! Yes I have taken care of so many babies/children in my life but not one of them lived with me on a permanent basis. This is where you come in...I know SOOOOO many of you great mommies out there know what it takes to bring a baby home. Here are some of the questions that I am hoping that you can answer for me.

-She is having a boy what do we need to have at home to care for him after his little “surgery” on his peepee?
-How about the umbilical cord what do you use to clean that?
-What were the MUST HAVES (besides diapers/wipes) that you couldn’t live without when you got home from the hospital?
-She is having a c-section any special instruction I need to know about helping her heal?
-What are some of the best website for new mommies?
-Any places that you have found that give great deals or samples to new mommies?
-What is the biggest thing that you learned the first 2 weeks home from the hospital with your new little bundle of joy?

Any advice will be appreciated for this floundering friend. I know there is a mommy but she looks to me to have the answers at times and I want to be as prepared as I possible can be.

Take a look at the little one who is going to be joining our household in just a few short days. This was taken at 32 weeks, he has his hand under his chin. I told his mommy that it looked like he was praying!MAN this is such a weird feeling...


The New Mrs. Rue said...

hey Kara. I sent you a long e-mail, and I hope it helps. God is so good, and he's going to give you wisdom beyond your years and understanding to help raise this baby!! Let me know if I can help!

American Mum said...

Sorry I misunderstood your email! I'm no expert, but I'll try to answer:

For the "surgery", you'll need q-tips and vaseline.

About the cord, I think in America they tell you to clean in with alcohol. They'll give you little alcohol wipes. Now in England, it was a big no-no to put anything on it. SO with Noah I did, with Chloe I didn't. I guess just personal preference?

Must haves after coming home: Kleenex for crying. Hah. No, really, Be prepared. She'll be on a high, then around 2-3 days, she'll get overwhelmed.

Best website? There are lots. I tended to end up at a lot.

Biggest thing I learned? Ohh, where do I begin? That I was clueless. And that it didn't matter. And that I could do it. This girl has a great benefit of living with you. She'll have a lot of help!