Monday, July 28, 2008

Something I read today...

I didn't write this but it hit the spot for me today so I thought I'd share it went right along with a song that I heard this morning. Don't know why but God continues to amaze me in the way that He speaks to me...

Reaching Out to God

Its true that sometimes when we need Him most we feel far away from Godhurting, alone, forgotten, trampled down by a crowd of problems. Maybe at that point weve given up on ever feeling close to Him again. Maybe we feel dirty and unfit, covered with worldly dust that robs us of courage and weakens our faith.

Well, girlfriend, let me tell you: when you find yourself in that kind of ordeal, remember the woman in the Bible who reached out through the mob to touch the hem of Jesus cloak. There may have been something in her than wanted to think He had passed her by or forgotten her or turned His back on her. . . . Ah, but she knew better. She knew that even if she didnt feel close to Jesus, even if she couldnt look Him in the eye and talk to Him face to face, He still knew she was there. So she came up behind Him and flung out her arm through the raucous crowd, knowing, If I only touch His cloak, I will be healed.

And she did. And she was.

Thelma Wells

One Touch; Nicole C. Mullen; Sharecropper's Seed
Been ostracized for 12 years
I'm used to being alone
Spent everything I had
And now it's gone
I'm used to being put down
My issues tell it all
My only hope is anchored
In this fall
If I could just touch the hem of His garment
I know I'd be made whole
If I could just press my way through this madness
His love would heal my soul
If only one touch
So many people calling
How could He ever know
That just a brush of Him
Would stop the flow
If he knew would He rebuke me
Or shame me to the crowd
Well I'm desperate 'cause it's never or it's now
Suddenly He turned around
He said somebody has unleashed my power
Well, Frightened and embarrassed I bowed
You see I told Him of my troubles
And how...
I had to touch the Hem of His garment
And I know I've been made whole
And how I had pressed my way through the madness
And His love has healed my soul
Then with one word He touched the hem of my garment
And you know I've been made whole
And somehow He pressed His way through my madness
And His love has healed my soul
I tell you He touched me
He reached way down and touched me
When no one else would touch me
Jesus, shol' 'nough He touched me...
And I know I've been made whole.

I love the fact that no matter what I'm doing in my life God finds those teachable moments when I least expect it. I just pray for open ears, expectant heart, and a prayerful spirit to be able to accept His still small voice. BTW this is a GREAT CD so if you get a chance to hear it or get it do!!!

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