Thursday, July 10, 2008

Finally a blog moment

Has it really been more than two months since I blogged???? WOW!!! On one hand it feels like it was just yesterday but so much has happened that I don't know where to begin. I started a few posts about my not so every day live.

Well for starters on Saturday May 10th my mom went to the hospital with a horrible pain in her chest, back and stomach. Thinking she was having a heart attach she was relieved to know that it was just a gallbladder problem. Yes in case you were wondering it REALLY did come on fast. Usually with a gallbladder they send you home and set up a time to take it out. They didn't in her case...Thank you God! They went in to take it out on Monday and they were glad they did. It was so filled with infection and gangrene that if it were to have ruptured than it would have most likely killed her. They tried to get all the infection out but some of it attached it self to the back of her right lung and caused it too collapse and caused fluid around her heart. They moved her to ICU to keep a closer eye on her because she has having such pain and difficulty breathing. The Dr's tried many different things to remove the infection but it didn't work. They had to go in and do a major lung surgery on May 20th.

While all this is going on with my mom, Grandfather, my mom's dad passed away on May 16th. ALL the Dr's suggested that we NOT tell her while she was in that condition. So with much prayer and discussion we agreed with the Dr. Kim and Kenny did get to go the furnel while I stayed with Mom during her surgury. It was a hard desision but I still believe that we did the right thing. God trully blessed us with extremely caring and understandable Dr's and nurses during this hard time. Now that all was said and done she is home with Kim and David in Tampa feeling better each day. Kim and David are doing a great job helping my mom regroup and trying to make her take it easy...that's not always an easy job!

Between my sister's brain anurisum and my mom's gullbladder gone wrong I have spent more time in Florida since October than I have in that past 10 years since I've been gone from there. I am so thankful that God has blessed me with a job and understanding bosses that are willing to allow my time to be with my family and help them in what ever way I can. I pray that this year will be one full of health and happiness for the Clower, Wilkerson, Wise family.

The best part about spending time down in Florida was getting to met my georgous new nephew who was born in Costa Rica the end of December. He's offically 6 months old now and keeps getting more good looking with each new picture.
Isn't he cute!!! Look at those blue eyes. He was such a good baby! He took to all of his crazy America family very well. Grandma got out of the hospital just in time to spend some time with baby Kian before they left.

Well I better go and get to bed...I will up date you soon on all my other summer adventures! I can't wait to fill you in!

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