Monday, September 13, 2010

10 Things I learned at the Beach

I love the beach! Never knew what I had when I lived in Tampa for 21 years or so close to Ocean City for 5. Then we moved to NC which was only 3 hours away from the beach, still with in a short drive. Ohio...if I think about it long enough I honestly think I could have a panic attack because of the lack of an ocean. Don't get me wrong...there are many thinks I like about Ohio. We have 4 REAL LIVE seasons. Grant it winter seems to be the longest.

This year Shawn and I went on our vacation with our friends The Johnson's! We had a BLAST!!! On Monday before we left Hurricane Earl was scheduled to hit North Topsail Beach, NC on Thursday night into Friday morning. That was the day we were heading down there. We started praying! I have been praying for this vacation for over a year there was no way any hurricane was going to steal our joy!

We left on schedule and so Earl. He ended up hitting north of where we were. THANK YOU JESUS!! It was sunny from the day we arrived to the day we left! B-E-A-utiful!!! While we were there enjoying God's wonderful creation I really felt like He was trying to show me somethings a little differently than He normally does.

You see I usually go on vacation with an agenda of what I want to accomplish work know to get ahead, get inspired, set goals, blah blah blah. Ticks my husband off sometimes. He goes and turns off his phone...I haven't gotten there yet. Although I did leave it in the condo most days when I set out at the beach! BABY STEPS!!! :)

So the whole reason for this post...The 10 things I learned with my butt in the sand!

10. Butterflies are even more beautiful at the beach. They were everywhere this week! I loved it!

9. Sometimes waves are going to knock you down and it's ok to laugh at the fact they did.

8. When you ask God to show you something incredible take time to look away from where your walking to enjoy how magnificent He truly is!

7. Pebbles all over the beach are just as cool as sea shells.

6. 3 year olds bring an amazing view of the gotta love the "scuobberdivers"

5. Seafood is waaaaaayyyy better at the beach than OHIO!!!!

4. Resting is an important part of any healthy person...even God...what did He do again on the 7th day?? It's ok to do nothing even if you are at the beach.

3. Laughter is essential! Memories are to be cherished. Friends are forever awe-inspiring!

2. My husband loves me more than I know but God loves me more.

1. Go places expecting God to roll out the red carpet for you. Your His son/daughter...He loves to love on you. He WANTS to.

Things were different this year for vacation...I liked it...

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