Saturday, September 11, 2010

~Our New Addition~Our Nephew~

Josiah Kaleo Mitchell

September 11, 2010

6 pounds 12 ounces 2:13PM


Mandy Peterson said...

Kara! Is he your's?!?! Why have you been hiding for the past 9 months?! I am thrilled for you and, of course, think Josiah is the best name in the world!

Mandy Peterson said...

You said no baby news in your earlier post, though. I'm confused!

Kara said...

So sorry for the false excitment...He's our nephew. Very Sweet little man.

Mandy Peterson said...

Oh, I get it! You gotta be more clear about these things! :-)

I still stand by my statement that Josiah is the best name in the world and send you wholehearted congrats on your new little nephew. Still praying for one of your own. Glad to see you blogging again. I've missed hearing from you.