Sunday, November 4, 2012


Trust me seems a WHOLE lot easier when I say it to the kids then when God says it to me.

Every time I pray about the kids and the situation the answer I get is simply

"Trust Me."

 Ashamed I admit I've asked "Are you SURE you have their & my best interest in mind?"

Once again I am reminded to be still and know that HE is God and I am not. I must trust Him.  He so gently reminds me over and over,

"Kara I am the one who put you here, put the children where I did & I am the one who will carry you through. Do not try to take this and manipulate it to what you desire this to be. My plans are so much greater than you plan. Surrender these children & your desires to me daily."

Obedience is so difficult. Complete surrender is crazy difficult.

Please pray that we have wisdom on what to say and when to say it. To the professionals, the family, the children. Pray that we continue to surrender and obey with every step each day. Pray that God strengthens us daily. Pray that  we have indescribable peace and reassurance that only comes from Him.

The kids start overnight visits with their mom again this week. She doesn't always seem to tell the truth but does a very good job of telling people what they like to hear. I wrestle with the need to constantly point our that she is lying about certain things or just waiting and hoping the right people notice.

Let the emotional roller coaster of these three begin...again...

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