Sunday, January 6, 2013


I have been reading this book by Steven Furtick entitled Greater. Here's an excerpt of what the chapters read today.

“God, whatever the greater life You are calling me into might look like, I’m in. Whether it’s a big thing or a small thing You call me to do, I believe it will be a greater thing because You’re the One who is calling and You are greater than all things. Whether the greater life means leaving something behind or becoming more passionate about where I am, I’ve decided to follow You.
“Here’s my life, Lord. It’s open ended. And it’s pointed in the direction of the next step You call me to take. No matter what it costs.”

This year my new year's resolution is is to thrive instead of just survive the year. I want the greater things God has for me in my personal walk with Him, in my marriage, in my relationships with others, in my everyday life. He is able todo immeasurably more...not just a little more...than I can even imagine! That blows my mind. I pray that He gives me eyes to see His vision for my life, ears to hear Him crystal clear and courage to step into what He is asking of me.

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