Friday, December 26, 2008

Right Around the Corner...

Wow is it really right around the corner? 2009? ALREADY? Hard to believe.

Christmas 2008 was so different than any other Christmas but it was just what we needed. We spend Christmas eve night with some friends and their family. As I helped her prepare food for Christmas morning at their house A Christmas Story was on in the background. I couldn't help but think this isn't where I thought I'd be at 33, but at the same time how grateful I am for this journey that God has taken us on. Christmas Day we woke up early opened our stockings that my fabtab sister sent for us (we were suppose to be in Florida this year but for many reasons unable to go). Then headed out to our friends Mike and Natalie's for breakfast! They have 5 kids so it as a lot of fun watching them open presents! Breakfast was delicious and then after the presents there was a fashion show of all the new clothes (just the 3 girls...the boys were too busy putting their Lego's together and shooting the Nerf gun at everyone).

I am very sentimental...I still have confetti from the night I met Shawn, still have THE Thumper that my sister gave to me the day she introduced me to my brother in law. I have a hat that my friend Sarah made during one of her many attempts to teach me how to sew. I have really random things...but one of my favorite things is memories. I WISH i had the skill and/or attention span to make scrapbooks. There are so many memories both happy and sad of just this year that I never want to lose.

January started off with a bang...We went to Florida just after my sisters brain aneurysm surgery. Then to see our friend Barry get married and hang out at Disney with our friends Mike and Natalie. February wow what a month. We grew as a "family"! This is then month when the girls (all girls at the time bc Eli wasn't born yet.) came to live with us for what was suppose to be 3 weeks. March Another WOW month...Our close friend died suddenly unexpectedly and one of my best friends lost her husband...What God continues to do in Sarah's life amazes me! Sarah, I love you! Your faith-Your perseverance-Your honesty-Your "Youness" can never be matched! Not sure what else really happened in that month. April we opened the pool and entire month earlier than normal do to much begging from Taylor the 14 year old. One week after we opened it she began swimming in it and swam almost every day until they moved! May went to Florida to meet my handsome nephew for the first time. Wishing that was the only reason I mom went into the hospital to have her galbladder taken out and stay for a month. My grandfather (my mom's dad) passed away. June camp, camp, and more camp! It was fun! July completely revised VBS, Eli's baby shower, 2 other mommy's baby showers, and my 33rd Birthday. WOW!! August ELI MADDOX graced us with his presence on the 5th! He was soooo tiny. The home going of Shawn's grandmother. September the girls and Eli went back to their home. Vacation to Rocky Mount and Hilton Head. October Fall Family Fun Fest, The Brenner's move to AZ, As much as we've moved...I never realized how impacting moving is for those who stay... WE MISS YOU GUYS! My first GYN appointment with an Ohio Dr. November Shawn's family came for Thanksgiving. And here we are in December so many changes, so many growth opportunities this year.

These are just of the life changing moments of 2008. I am excited to see where God leads us in 2009! Praying that EVEYONE stays healthy and happy!

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