Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Sister


I received a present in the mail today from my sister. Which if you know her that is not uncommon. She is one of the most giving people that I know. Usually it is something random that I had mentioned on the phone. Or sometimes it is a ton of makeup that she didn't like from the free samples. Sometimes, it's hair crack!! (Talk about that another day)One time it was a CHI!! So excited! I could straighten my hair.

Today when I opened my package I cried. I pulled out the sweetest card.

It said, "Sister, Just thinking of all the ways my world is a better place because you're my sister. Happy (belated) Mother's Day!" Then she wrote; Dear Kara, Who have always been a Mother, You just haven't been sent your babies yet."

And my brother in law wrote, "Your Mom needs a normal grand kid. So let's speed up the action and spit one out. Love Uncle to be DW"

Inside was a key that said Believe, 64 inspirational quotes, and an digital EPT test.

I love it when God uses people to wrap His arms around you...

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