Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend Events

Last Thursday I realized I was on day 28 and if I didn't get into the Dr today than I was going to have to wait till next Thursday which may be too late to get my WONDERFUL colmid. So I called and made and appointment.

Day 28 no spotting and temperature was still up! The Dr. even seems to be optimistic. I was attempting not to let my self get too excited. He told me not to take a test until day 12 DPO. That would be Friday...I could wait one day. I figured I'll wait...for some reason my body likes to start on Friday's. Likes to play with my weekend like that! So I made a deal with my self if my temperature was still up on Saturday morning (day 30) than I would take a test. I woke up at freaking 5AM on Saturday took my temperature and sure enough it was still at 98.6. Laid in bed until my bladder was going to bust got up and took the test and went back to bed.

I tried to talk my self in to actually going back to sleep. If your pregnant you will still be pregnant in 3 more hours. If your not nothing is going to change there either. I laid there for what I thought was at least an hour of two (more like 30 mins) got up and went and checked the test and it was negative again...I KNEW I wasn't going back to sleep then so I got up and took Sadie on an almost 2 hour walk. It was a beautiful Saturday morning. I am really beginning to enjoy my walks with Sadie. She is such a good dog.

Saturday went well. We opened the pool, which at this point in time is a beautiful greenish color. Then we went across the street to a 2 year old BD party where I do believe pregnant women came from far and wide just to be there! Everyone talking about when they are going to start trying again.

Then Sunday, where my job as a Children's Pastor is difficult emotionally for me at times. Helping parents from all walks of life and stages of life is hard when once again I'm not sure if my day will come to hold my own. This Sunday I had three different people come up to me for different reasons 3 different people come up to me... The first saying I was praying for you this's your month your next! While yet another saying I think my 16 year old son may have gotten his girlfriend pregnant...Yet still another said Your just not trying hard enough to have a baby...must not be doing something right.

Needless to say Sunday was a difficult day, but with God's strength and grace I was able to make it through. But after working a 12 hour day on the way home I turned off the radio and allowed my self to cry. My wonderful husband had cleaned the kitchen just so when I got home there was no excuse for me not to climb into bed and cuddle with him! That felt like God hugging me. God knew exactly what I needed and who I needed it from most. For anyone who knows my husband knows that he is not a cuddler and thankfully my love language is not physical touch.

Then to start my week off JUST perfectly my friend Sarah post this on her is TOOO funny NOT to share. I wonder if this is what it will be like when Shawn & I have our baby!

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Jesse and Mandy Peterson said...

You said that your test was negative Saturday, but I didn't catch you ever saying that you started your period yet. Did I just miss it? I know how difficult it can be when you are surrounded by pregnant women and babies everywhere after just finding out you aren't pregnant. One month, one of my hardest months, I found out that morning that I wasn't pregnant. Then I spent the rest of the day planning 2 baby showers for my best friends as I listened to all of their baby talk. And then I spent the evening at a baby shower for my boss along with at least 6 other co-workers who had recently given birth. They all made comments about how no one else was pregnant in the company at that moment. Just salt to my wound. I just had to go home and curl up in Jesse's arms and cry. Those days don't last forever, though.

And as a final note, I think the Verizon video is hilarious.