Monday, April 28, 2008


I have to admit...I really like/want random things for the most part. I saw this beautiful olive wood salt keeper. Do I need one ABSOLUTELY not...probably not... wait maybe I do...I know that it is just an infatuation but it sounds so nice...

Beautiful and unique, this box keeps a half-pound of cooking salt within close reach on your countertop. It’s from BĂ©rard, the French maker of fine wood products since 1892, and handcrafted from beautifully grained olive wood with an oiled finish. Because each one is carved from the branch of an olive tree, no two are alike and dimensions vary slightly. The salt keeper’s swiveling magnetic lid provides easy access with one hand; rubber feet hold the box steady while you grab a pinch. The stainless-steel hinge resists corrosion.

I went to Woman of Faith this weekend with about 20 woman from my church. It was awesome...I'll blog about that later.

Well I am suppose to be getting ready for a hugh meeting that I have tomorrow. So I better quit drooling over this wonderful olive wood salt keeper and get back to work. Hope you are all having a wonderful SPRING!!!! It's suppose to snow tonight. No I'm not kidding. We JUST opened our pool on Monday.

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blueyedgirlie said...

SNOW! Its almost May...I swear I need to move to Ohio so I can get my snow fix. :)