Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Appointment Update

I haven't posted since my appointment because I have been trying to process it. I can't really say that I am "done" processing it because I feel like I have no answers.

I have a feeling this may be a love hate relationship with my Dr. He's good but so he's busy... At least at this appointment. So that means he has no time to hear my stories of how I felt nor does he probably even really care. After I sat in the little room for 45 mins he walks in glances at my belly button and says how are you feeling and I say fine. He says you look great lets go to my office.

We go into his office and he closes the door and proceeds to show me my pictures. First was the endometriosis...which he said wasn't too bad but the scare tissue all over was "severe". What is the scare tissue from? He says its from the endometriosis. SO then he goes on to the next picture which is my uterine wall. He said that it is shedding and trying to regrow all at the same time because my hormones are out of whack. I asked him, "What can I take to help that? Metphormine?" No, that just for blood sugar he said... That usually happens when people have really heavy periods...Well I don't have heavy painful periods...They may last 3-5 days and its not too heavy and mine aren't painful...He says then I don't know why its doing that then...He closes my chart and seemed like everything was over and I ask well what about my left tube? He said I'm not really sure if its open...I said What? you said that you opened my tube during that procedure. He said well we really don't know until we do an HSG...So we'll schedule one of those and then go from there. I said...what about clomid or something...He said i'm not giving you anything until I see if your tube is open. He walked me out to the secretaries desk and told her to set me up and appointment for an HSG.

Needless to say I left there feel pissed at myself because I didn't stand up and say...I KNOW that you are busy and I KNOW that there are a lot of people waiting but having a baby is important to me and I don't like feeling like you pushing me out the door. There are so many more questions that I wanted to ask but didn't have time to even think of them much less ask them...

I went home that night and told Shawn what happened at the appointment. He asked, "Isn't that the one where they shoot the dye through your tubes?" Why yes my smart husband that's been paying attention, "that it is what it is." He said that said. "Why would he want to do that when you he said he put dye through the tubes day I had the surgery. He came out and told me that they shot dye through both sides and they were open."

Why would the Dr come and tell Shawn that and then ask me to have an HSG done. So I called the Dr on Friday and told the nurse what happened and she said I'll call you back. So she called me back and told me yes you still need to have a HSG done because the one you had done was a LONG time ago. I said no my husband said that the dr came out and told him that he put dye through my tubes while I was in surgery. Why would I need to have an HSG done if he JUST basically done? She said "oh I didn't understand that the first time. Honestly I don't have your file over here at this location but I will call you back when I have it." When the Dr called the night of the surgery asked him about my left tube? He said "Its open your good! Everything went GREAT" I know I was on drugs but I wasn't out of it.

So basically I'm confused...I know that God has it under control but He has also wants us to make wise choices, but all of this trying to have a baby that you feel like God has promised you can be a little confusing and frustrating sometimes. But after all is said and done I still stand firm on...

Numbers 23:19 “The Lord will grant you abundant prosperity in the fruit of your womb, the young of your livestock and the crops of your ground-in the land he swore to your forefathers to give you.

Deuteronomy 28:11 God is NOT a God that he should lie, nor a son of man, that he should change his mind. Does he speak and then not fulfill?"


Mandey said...

That does sound a little suspicious. Have you considered a second opinion? It's perfectly within your rights as a patient. You can have your doctor's office send your chart to whomever you choose.

Jesse and Mandy Peterson said...

This all sounds like experiences I have had with my doctor and her office. She is my OB-GYN but she handled all of my infertility testing. One time, i had an ultrasound done and they found a cyst. So she wanted me to come back in 8 weeks and have it checked out again. When I called to set up an appointment for that, they had no idea what I was referring to. And when the nurse called my doctor to confirm, my doctor said she wasn't going to do it. I asked why since it was really to find out about the cyst and the nurse said, "Oh, she probably thought it was just because you aren't pregnant yet. In that case, I'll talk to her again." I couldn't believe it. Why would my doctor think I just wanted an ultrasound because I wasn't pregnant when she told me to come back in 8 weeks to follow up on the cyst. On top of that, she often made me feel like my concerns were unimportant.

None of these things have been enough to make me feel like I should seek a new doctor's consult. Instead, they are just minor annoyances. However, you should certainly determine whether this is a doctor that you want to continue using or not. Are these issues just annoying or worthy of seeking a new doctor's treatment?

Only you can answer that question, but I hope it all works out for you. I certainly wouldn't want to go through an unnecessary HSG. I was terrified to just go through one!

And, in it all, God will give you the wisdom to make the right choices. So, you're are right to stand firm on Him.

Hear My Cry said...

It's always hard to give other advice when you aren't there and I haven't read all of your posts to see anything else but if I were you I'd write a letter and send it to the Dr. I would also be searching for a different Dr. If the current Dr.s attitude didn't change after the letter I'd seek another Dr. Especially if you find out that he did in fact already do a HSG and had charted that your left tube is open. I mean come on here!

((((())))) It's hard enough having to go through all of this anyway without encountering Dr.s that simply don't have enough time to pay attention. Sigh.... I'm so sorry that you are having to go through this, every aspect of it.
Big hugs!

Thanks for stopping by my place and offering such encouraging words. :)