Monday, January 26, 2009

Draino and Side Effects

I don't think I have ever been on the verge of tears as much as I have since starting the clomid. Not so sure I remember the side effects being like this last time. At my Dr.s appointment the beginning of January told the Dr. when I asked for the Clomid the first time and he told me no...I said, "I know the side effects of this and I'm ready! I can handle it. I've had it before I know the side effects and I'm ready!" I was pretty cocky and admit that I wanted it.

As I sit here on day 5 (thank you JESUS its the last day) I have literally wept, not cried WEPT, everyday since being on this. I read one of my dear friends posts about fulfilling a dream of hers I couldn't stop crying! I wanted to write a comment how proud I was of her overcoming a fear and living in the moment and fulfilling a dream...but I couldn't because I was crying and couldn't type it out write THEN I started crying because I couldn't type. WHAT THE FREAKIN HECK!!! Then again I have never had "clean plumbing" and taken Clomid...I'm thinking that Draino may have been cheaper way to clean "my pipes" and maybe less side effects! a few days I'm going to find this really funny.

It says one of the SIDE EFFECTS to Clomid: Mood Swings...Is that what you freakin call this?? Wondering if pregnancy mood swings are anything like this.

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