Friday, January 23, 2009

The Kid, The Dog & The Dr. went into the bar...

Sounds like a good beginning to some lame joke doesn't it...sorry no bar in this post though...

It's hard to get moving this morning. As 8:00 quickly approaches I am enjoying sitting here in bed with my two beautiful puppies and little Ethan. I have been blessed with the opportunity to watch Ethan until Sunday. It always makes me laugh of how much it takes to take care of one little person. He is almost 18 months old and is having a grand time exploring everything. He did really good last night...He went right to sleep after his bath but then woke up at midnight panicked because he didn't know where he was. After a re-binki and some love he quickly calmed back down and went back to sleep until 7:30.

Sadie our chocolate lab doesn't know what to think of having Ethan in bed with us this moring. Right now they are nose to nose on their belly's smelling each other. Sadie REALLY wants his sippy cup or binki...just for a taste. Ethan's not giving them up...nor would I actually let Sadie have them. It's just funny to watch.

On other news fronts...I went to the doctor again the other day to sign paper for my hysterosalpingogram (HSG). Probably my least favorite test that I have ever failed. Well I got a 50% last time. I had one done about 5 years ago in North Carolina. That's when they found out that my left tube was blocked with scar tissue. They tried to unblock it with the dye but were unsuccessful...let me tell you that hurt. Needless to say I am NOT looking forward to having this test again BUT I am looking forward to seeing the dye flow through both tubes freely! Yes the Dr did open my tube in Dec during surgery but was not able to watch the flow through the tube. Apparently after he open the tube he could see that the fluid came out the other side but in this test it shows how it flows. Basically he wants to see how the egg flows. He also explained to me that for some unknown reason people have a high % of getting pregnant after having this done. So that test will be done next Wednesday so please keep me in your prayers.

Another wonderful thing that happened at the Drs. was that he gave me a RX for Clomid. This MAKES you ovulate. YEAH ME!!! Last month I took ovulation test and they barely came up positive but hopefully now they will defiantly be positive.

Well that's all the update that I have for now. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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