Thursday, January 15, 2009

Feels Like

Feels like...COLD

As I sit warm and toasty in my bed with my cup a coffee, two beautiful puppies, and my computer I know longer ever have to wonder what 0 degrees feels like! :) It's REALLY cold! As I watch Shawn get ready to go out in to the cold had no clue how many layers it actually takes to stay warm.

This Florida girl LOVES the snow, LOVES bundling up, LOVES snuggling in bed with hubby and puppies, BUT has officially decided she DOES NOT like driving on icy roads. I can handle the below freezing temperatures...I can handle the snow...but when you but them together it can be pretty dangerous. Right now it is so cold that they can't even salt the roads. If/when the snow melts it turn immediately into ice. It makes for a very slippery drive into work.
That is why I am fortunate enought to be sitting in bed with my second cup of coffee and two puppies wait for some symbolance of the sun to come out and warm us up to 6 degrees today. With temperatures like this there is GOOD news...this weekend when it finally makes it to 24 degrees...It will feel like a HEAT wave!

Wishing I was in Costa Rica with Keith, Becky, and Kian today !

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