Friday, April 17, 2009


I'm not sure if I have ever been so happy to see Friday get here. With the passing of our first "baby" this week, the beginning of yet another cycle, and yet one more Dr.'s appointment it's nice to know it's FRIDAY! Saturday is coming...A day to rest reorganize and be restored. At least I hope that is what tomorrow brings.

As for my Dr's appointment. I waited almost an hour for a 3 minute conversation that consisted of Yep you defiantly ovulated and Yep you defiantly aren't pregnant this month but I don't see why you shouldn't be pregnant with in the next two cycles. I am praying he is right. I still haven't talked to Shawn about my appointment as of yet. Not sure if he is going to want to continue trying or if I have the emotional capability to to keep this going for two more months. Just praying that God will bring peace to whatever decision we go with.

Great news though...My tulips are getting tall by the day. Sadie had a great day at the doggie spa yesterday, and she is still in bed asleep next to me. She's such a good dog! It's going to be 70 degrees tomorrow! That means Spring is really here. And I get to clean this morning and have tomorrow off from both work and home! YEAH!!!

Enjoy your weekend! I know I will!!!

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