Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My 1st Baby

We lost our first baby last night. Razy was the best dogie and is now playing in heaven with my Dad. Swimming in the ponds...chewing on some bones...not in pain anymore!

About 2 months after Shawn & I got married we decided to add to our family. Shawn ALWAYS wanted a lab but being newly married we had no money. I saw a sign on the side of the road that said "FREE golden lab pups". Perfect! that is JUST what we needed. FREE PUPPY! I learned a very valuable lesson...no puppy is FREE...Quickly talked Shawn into going to get a puppy. So Sunday after church we went to go pick out our FREE golden lab puppy. We pulled into the yard, back past the house, and next to an outside pin filled with about 10 puppies and the mama. Mama did look like a yellow lab and so did all the puppies...except for one. Shawn told me I could choose, anyone that I wanted! I played, held, loved on almost everyone, then I spotted THE one in the back of the dog house that momma was protecting. I asked the young boy who came out to help us if I could see that one. I was love at first sight! She was so cute! All black head, a white necklace around her neck, white tipped paws, INFESTED with fleas and about 1/2 the size of all the other puppies there. THAT'S THE ONE!!! Shawn agreed and we took her home!

There were some "rules" put into place by my husband as we were driving home. She is to stay in her cage while we were at work. Not unreasonable. We are NOT spending a ton of money on toys. Ok. Within the week she must go to the vet. No problem. Under NO circumstances is she suppose to sleep in our bed. Sure. Brought her home bathed her with dish soap to get the fleas off and completely fell in love with this four legged baby. That night we put her in her cage and went to bed. She cried and cried!! Shawn the "rule maker" rolls over and says...."May be she could come and sleep with us?" I agreed and she never spent another night in the pin.

She truly was the perfect dog. Not too big not to small a perfect 35 pounds. She could hold her own around playing kids and loved to be snuggled by them. One of my ALLL time favorite pictures is when I would take Razy to the house where I was a nanny and she was laying in the middle of the living room and Annie would lay on her back with her thumb in mouth and her head on Razy's belly. She LOVED to be LOVED! She knew the difference between her all white paw and her mostly brown paw. My favorite trick, the one she hated the most, was she could balance a treat on her nose and in her day would flip it up in the air and catch it in her mouth. She LOVED swimming in the pool, beach, pond, water!!! We'd ask her if she wanted to take a bath and she would beat to the bathroom. She even swallowed and passed a golf ball when she was a puppy. She was the type of dog that made even those who didn't like dogs like her...Right Troy??? :) Whether it be Florida, Maryland, North Carolina, or Ohio she was a dog that would touch your heart when you met her!

Thank you God for taking her quickly. Thank you for almost 12 wonderful years with our first "baby". If you know us at all you know she was our "baby"! Thank you Father for your peace during this time. I would never give up the past twelve years for the sadness I feel today.

Who knew a dog would be missed by so many!

Rest in peace my Razy Girl!!!
June 14, 1997 - April 13, 2009
...she was born on our wedding day! yet one more thing that made her so special...

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Jesse and Mandy Peterson said...

Oh, I am SO sorry that you lost your "baby". I know that pets can certainly come to be like another member of the family. I pray peace over you and your husband in spite of this situation.