Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring has Sprung!

I decided to work from home today. I needed a break from the emotional roller coaster I feel like hasn't stopped in a while. Knowing Shawn would leave for work early I would have the entire day with just Sadie & I, thought I should take advantage of a day like this and work from my bed. There are still a TON of things that need to be done around the house that I will hopefully get to today, but as I sit here in bed with my third cup of coffee listening to the gentle rain outside I am reassured that Spring has Sprung.

When I think of Spring...I think of the restoration of new life of things that were once dead...And the birth of new life that has yet to enter this world. Ever since moving to Ohio I get so excited about my tulips popping out from the ground each spring. The anticipation of the pool cover coming off and the official 1st day of pool/grilling season!

The new life entering the world I see so clearly in Shawn does...Shawn works with farmers so I get excited about all the baby animals being born in the spring. One year I was able to feed a calf! And when the grower & Shawn had their backs turned I took the bottle out of her mouth and felt her lips and teeth buds and tongue!!! I know I'm weird but it was COOL!!! This year I am hoping to see a piglet and a lamb. Apparently we are going mushroom hunting one Saturday morning. Don't worry these aren't the kind you smoke! In just a few weeks we are going to pick out our new "baby". One of Shawn's growers has a yellow lab that is about ready to have puppies. They said we can have first pick! Sadie needs a playmate. At least that's what we are blaming the craziness of having two labs on.

Yesterday I played my harp at church for the first time in years. I LOVED IT!! I loved it with every ounce of my being! I was finally able to worship God with my music. It was only by His doing that I didn't throw up in front of everyone. I caught myself second service with my eyes closed just playing away! WORSHIPING! I could feel my soul saying AHHHHHHHHH...

This Spring I can't help but feel the tilling of the ground that God is doing in my heart. When I rest in Him I feel the work He's doing in me. I need the refreshing breeze of God's breath on my life. I need the sometimes painful tilling of my heart. I need the gentle rain of the tears of my spirit pooling up in God's hands. I need YOU Lord!

Winter seems to last forever here in Ohio. While there is some beauty in winter I wish it only lasted until January. That's kind of how I've felt here for a while. That I was stuck in my my dying my my aloneness. But for the past month as much as I have tried to ignore it I feel God tilling away...plowing away in my heart. He has been planting new seeds, restoring and refreshing old plants, dreams and desires. He is moving me to a new harvest.

So now it is my time to arise from my leave my desert...where I have laid, wept, and prayed. Change my clothes, wash myself off in His presence and His glory and do something that has be difficult for me to do since leaving Rocky Mount...WORSHIP! I can dance and sing a new song of praise to my heavenly Father!

Spring has Sprung...What do you love best about Spring?


Pete Wilson said...

I love spring as well!

Jesse and Mandy Peterson said...

I'm surprised you had trouble with my blog. No one else has ever mentioned it. The ones I have trouble with are the comment boxes that are embedded into the layout of the page. If it comes up in the pop-up window instead, it seems fine. I don't know?!

In response to this blog, I think God created different seasons for such a reason as what you are experiencing. I think that the cycles the weather and land go through are also representative of the phases we go through in our lives. Ecclessiastes even uses the word "season" to describe the times we laugh and cry and live and die, etc. It's important to go through the times of death (like in winter when the trees drop their leaves and flowers wither and in life when we say goodbye to people and pets we love or even deaths of dreams) but that makes way for new life to form (like in spring when new flowers bloom or in life when we experience the birth of new dreams and revitalization after heartache).

And, when I see it all of creation blooming around me, I find that it makes me even more reflective of how awesome God really is!